It's not always necessary to use a recruiter!

When you recruit a new member of staff, it can be tough, time-consuming and costly for your business. 
It's absolutely vital to appoint the right candidate from your interviews; however what do you do if you've got nobody to interview? What do you do if you're unable to find the right people? This is when you should use a recruiter.

Educated Appointments provide an honest, reliable recruitment service to further education employers who are looking to grow their businesses or make staff changes at a competitive rate. You'll even receive a discount for using us exclusively on a vacancy.

Informative Interview


Struggling to attract the right candidates or don't have the time to look? 

No problem, click here and see what Educated Appointments can do for you.

New Hires


Looking for a new role with an employer that values you?

Click here and see what opportunities Educated Appointments has available for you.

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